About Kami

About Kami.

My “yoga journey” began about 15 years ago when I tried a yoga class at a local gym in midtown Manhattan. I walked out half way through the class thinking, “what the hell is this? If I’m gonna work out, I actually want to do something…” And at that time, the gym yoga class didn’t make me feel as if I was ‘doing anything.’ My understanding of yoga was all wrong. Months later, I heard about this ‘hot yoga’ that was an exercise of strength and mind, and a fabulous stamina and flexibility builder – so I decided to try yoga again. As a dancer, I wanted to do a work out that would help me build strength and flexibility, and still get in a little cardio. I tried a Bikram class in LA, and was immediately hooked.

I was a Bikram yogi person for years before moving to Chicago in 2009, and discovering that other types of hot yoga existed. I knew that I wanted to fully immerse myself mentally, physically, and spiritually into my practice, as it not only made my body feel good, but it just made me feel good in general. I also knew I wanted to bring this ‘feel good feeling’ to other folks who maybe had the same questionable experiences with yoga that I had, and I decided to do teacher training in 2010. I have been teaching ever since!

I bring a hip, relaxed, yet respectfully focused vibe to my classes, so that students feel comfortable enough to BE THEMSELVES and yet disciplined enough to respect each other’s space. I love to incorporate music and sounds, so be ready to vibe!

Peace and love and stuff,