“Kami’s teaching is the perfect combination of serious knowledge, physical challenge, and playful warmth. In her class I experience the full range yoga- the push, the play, the mental and physical stretching. She is down to earth and open and I always feel like she’s right there with me exploring her own capabilities. She pushes her class to work hard while also treating ourselves lovingly. I adore her! ”

~Ora W.

“Out of the various yoga instructors I’ve taken in the past, Kami is one of the most disciplined, and inviting in her approach. Most of her classes can be challenging, resulting in a rewarding, invigorating experience. Her bridging of physical intensity, and mediation creates a great balance, which makes her teaching energetic and relaxing at the same time.”

~Ninoska ‘Nina’ Granados

“My body always melt after Kami’s class! I am completely fulfilled my practice with her guide each class. Her class is challenging yet very calming. I love Kami’s core series as well! I truly enjoy her class and I recommend everyone to experience Kami world!”

~Miho N., Brooklyn NY

“Kami is an amazing yoga teacher. She is very thoughtful in her teaching process. She pays very close attention to her students and gives them guidance inside and outside of the hot room. I feel so grateful to be able to benefit from Kami’s teaching!”

~Aissatou B., Brooklyn NY and Paris, France